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MiniJust Cheese

...just right for a smaller appetite

Formed from a three inch loaf tin, these lovingly created minis are small but perfectly formed in every way.

This range is specially designed in simple child friendly flavours to appeal to our mini market but would also suit smaller appetites or as a sandwich plus soup deal.

As well as being truly scrumptious these sandwiches have absolutely no artificial colours or flavours and are all produced on high fibre bread.

The range includes flavours such as: Just Ham, Ham and Laughing Cow, Cheese Savoury, Just Chicken Breast, Tuna Mayo.

Small but perfectly formed mini sandwiches

Speak to us about where Minis fit in your chiller


Our customer service advisers are on hand to help you make informed decisions. Use the contacts on this page to get some insight into how our Mini range can work for you or call 01642 70 70 90

Point of sale


As with all of our ranges, our Mini Pantry is supported at point of sale by bright and fresh visual cues to help consumers make their choices. To see the full range of items available, head over to our Market Resource Centre.

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