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A range of sandwiches specifically designed for NHS patients, or people on restricted diets.


The secret to feel good food

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Simple, good quality ingredients to help promote wellbeing from the inside out

Developed by us with care, for patients

Nourishment can engage many aspects of a person’s being – physical, social and emotional – the nutrition you provide to your body for repair and sustenance is the most important source of nourishment.  


Our Nourishh sandwich range has been specially created with wellbeing in mind, to NHS patient feed standards. Making it easier for NHS staff to make healthier choices, supporting health and wellbeing goals all round.

All the Nourishh quarter packs are ISO17480 accredited for easy opening. 


Pack & Plate

Each Nourishh sandwich is packaged intentionally in a fun, bright and cheerful design to promote a visual and spiritual uplift.


In addition to the common protein colours which make selection easier, the boxes also have a unique functional quality. 


The card packs incorporate an easy open tab which when pulled, tears around the whole box allowing the base tray to act as a recyclable paper plate.


Speak to us about how Nourishh can be the answer to your patient health goals


Our customer service advisers are on hand to help you make informed decisions. Use the contact button on this page to get some insight into how Nourishh can work for you or call 01642 70 70 90


Simple, good quality ingredients to help promote wellbeing from the inside out

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