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Overnight Oats

A healthier* breakfast on the move
Our new oat pots present a fabulous opportunity for you to boost your breakfast offering.

The breakfast food-to-go market in the UK has seen significant growth in recent years, reflecting changes in consumer lifestyles and preferences. With busy schedules and an increasing emphasis on convenience, many people are looking for quick and portable breakfast options - but most importantly, with a focus on healthier choices!

Now imagine being the hero who provides them with the perfect solution: ready-to-eat overnight oats in convenient pots! These little gems in three 'oatilicious' varieties, offer your customers a hassle-free breakfast experience.

Peach and Raspberry
Overnight Oats

Deliciously creamy overnight oats infused with the sweetness of ripe peaches, the tanginess of raspberries, and the richness of yogurt, creating a refreshing and satisfying breakfast delight.


Apple and Sultana

A blend of creamy yogurt paired with crisp apple chunks and plump raisins, creating a delightful harmony of sweetness and texture in every spoonful.


Vegan Raspberry
and Apple

Juicy raspberries and crisp apple nestled within creamy vegan yogurt, crafting a tantalizing symphony of fruity goodness in these plant-based overnight oats.


Boost Your Breakfast

Offer your customers the breakfast solution they’ve been craving and boost your breakfast trade.


You can order these products in the usual way through Mezze, our online system or call customer services on 01642 707090 or email us at

We look forward to partnering with you for success.

Stock up today! 


(*compared to a breakfast which does not contain protein, healthy fat and fibre from unprocessed, whole foods)

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