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SowingThe Seeds

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Plant our business card


If you've landed on this page, then you've probably scanned the QR code on our wildflower-seeded business card.

Our eco-friendly cards are designed to be planted once you have our contact details safely digitally stored 😊

How to grow your pollinator-attracting wildflowers:


​Plant the card in a sunny spot, under a good handful of earth in your garden - or perhaps in a pot on your window sill or balcony, pat down and make sure it is completely covered.  Water well (and continue to water each day) and wait for the burst of bee-baiting colour. Send us a picture of the results or post to FB or Insta - we'd love to see!

This tiny card, printed with water based ink on recycled paper, is a very small step toward reducing waste - but an important message. If we all concentrate on the bee-sized eco details, the world will regenerate, grow and bloom.

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