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Vegan and Vegetarian options

Vegan Fajita Falafel.png

Convenient vegan and vegetarian choices are essential


The number of vegans and vegetarians in the UK has skyrocketed over the last few years, so it goes without saying the demand for meat-free products has never been higher! The number of Flexitarians has also spiked, off the back of a very successful ‘Veganuary‘ at the start of this year which saw many people exploring new ways of eating.


Vegan and vegetarian trends in convenience will continue to be key in the year ahead and beyond, and we know that people are increasingly looking for more diverse, healthy, gluten free and plant based vegan options.


We make a number of products which are suitable for these dietary requirements across our ranges. No longer can anyone honestly claim that vegan and vegetarian products are lacking. On the contrary they offer a chance for our chefs to experiment and delight through some innovative flavour combinations such as our vegan Pea, Edamame, Chilli and Mint on a semolina sub and our Veggie Firecracker wedge.

Speak to us about your vegan and vegetarian options

Our customer service advisers are on hand to help you find products that work for you. Use the contacts on this page to get some insight into our vegan and vegetarian options, or call 01642 70 70 90

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