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The On a Roll Creative Oven

The Creative Oven is our 'think tank' of foodie experts which includes people both inside and outside of the business. From NPD Chef’s to Production experts, from Research, Marketing and Category Professionals to Packaging specialists, our Creative Oven is a nucleus for delivering the very best in food to go.

Whether this is improving on flavour for our classic recipes, introducing something new and exciting for lunch, exploring meat alternatives or reducing carbon footprint, the Creative Oven is consistently working behind the scenes, 'cooking up' new and better ideas for you.

​Throughout each year we carry out activities such as food safaris, blind taste testing and focus groups at customer sites. Feedback from these sessions is combined with industry data and bespoke research programs to give us great insight. All this data and experience allows us to review menus regularly and make sure we are offering exactly what people want and also want we know they will want next!

It’s not just about the food

We’re also constantly testing new marketing methods and reviewing packaging options with our group’s appointed marketeers and printers.

Promotion of food to go, which includes introducing and highlighting new and exciting products, is an essential part of our role and helps to fend off chiller fatigue, by keeping consumer choice fresh and relevant to the season or appropriate to the intended category.

​Similarly to other producers, we run seasonal campaigns throughout the year to help guide consumers to find something new. Veganuary, Seasonal Salads, Summer Specials and Autumn Hot Eats are common areas of interest but we are also able to generate and support bespoke marketing activity for customers who have a more specific need, perhaps in a specialist category or at a particular time of the year. 

Meal deal promotions, loyalty schemes and competitions are always great for consumers who are looking to bring additional value to their purchases. We work directly with customers to find a route to market that fits and to make sure this is planned and managed effectively in order to maximise the investment and return. This will also include the design and production of comms and POS material to reflect your campaign.

Investing in our world

​In the background somewhat but essential to the quality and consistency of our products is machinery and logistics. Our systems play an vital role in keeping us moving forward but especially with regards to environmental concerns and efficiency. We therefore include R&D in this area as part of The Creative Oven's remit. Creative advancement in production and delivery supports and completes our efforts in producing great food with a considered and responsible approach to the wider world.

Want to hear more about our creative process? Perhaps you have something that could be useful to moving our company forward?

Call us on: 01642 707090

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