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Travel and Leisure

Retail Options and Passenger Food, on the move


Work with us to get your ultimate food-to-go range


Our NPD team work year round to create bespoke and innovative products specifically for the UK and global travel market. Generating the latest trends and new taste sensations, to provide customers with appetising products when they are travelling.


Each product is created and tested with the consumer in mind to ensure that wherever it travels, the quality and taste will be the same high standard for everyone.

Speak to us about your options for food on the move

Whether its a 'white label', labour saving solution, or a retail selection, we'll work with you to provide your customer with the best options.


Our customer service advisers are on hand to help you find products that work for you. Use the contacts on this page to get some insight into your perfect range, or call 01642 70 70 90

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