For something a little more 'out of the ordinary'


Traditionally ‘the Deli’ is a place to get fine food, unusual or international cuisines, “delicacies" if you like. We use the essence of the traditional Deli in our range to bring you a selection of conveniently packaged delicious food to go, which offers a little something more indulgent...including in Vegan options.


Delicately packaged


Using the same protein colours, icons and illustrative graphic device for consistency, our Deli range is very much a part of The Pantry family but is also more subtly packaged for café retail and would sit proudly next to any coffee range out there.


If you would like to see our more traditional food-to-go selection, head over to Classics


Speak to us about where Deli fits in your chiller


Our customer service advisers are on hand to help you make informed decisions. Use the contacts on this page to get some insight into how Deli can work for you or call 01642 70 70 90

Point of sale


As with all of our ranges, Deli is supported at point of sale by sophisticated visual cues to help consumers make their choices. To see the full range of items available, head over to our Market Resource Centre.